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Students share their experiences with leaders at the October 25, 2018 launch of the Career Connect Washington plan.

First group of regional network And intermediary grantees selected (September 2019)

In mid-September, we announced the selection of our regional partners who will be continuing the work of Career Connect Washington. After a rigorous application process, a cohort of regional networks and intermediary organizations have been named to expand career-connected learning programs across Washington.

Regional Networks are the key to scaling career connected learning statewide and will play an integral role in convening and managing regional, cross-industry partnerships that will lead to expansion of opportunities for Washington youth.

Career Connect intermediaries bridge connections between industry and educators to create and scale Career Launch, Preparation, and Awareness/Exploration programs. We received applications for twice as much grant funding as available so applicants who were not selected in Round 1 will be able to revise and re-submit their proposals in Round 2.

We look forward to working with these organizations in reaching the goal of 60% of students in the class of 2030 completing Career Launch and 100% of students completing Career Preparations, Awareness and Exploration.

See the full list of grantees here.

We made it! Career Connect Washington legislation passed by legislature, signed by Governor Inslee (May 2019)

Thanks to all of your hard work and support, we were successful in passing the Career Connect Washington legislation – HB 2158 makes the Career Connect Washington plan a reality! This legislation is a bold move forward for higher education overall, and specifically for CCW.

This achievement is a huge win for students and families in Washington state. The CCW legislation will help us:

  • Grow registered apprenticeships and amazing programs that already exist AND build new ones
  • Connect and build on our Community & Technical College programs and our Career and Technical Education programs in our K-12 system
  • Fund programs and outreach at a REGIONAL level, to ensure we create programs that serve students right where they live, in all areas of the state and that students have the support to help them be successful
  • Ensure students and families know about the opportunities

Also included in HB 2158 are key complementary efforts to help students participate in more CCL experiences. The Washington College Grant program provides scholarship aid to low-income students to pursue postsecondary degrees including Career Launch programs. Funding was also provided for dual-enrollment scholarships, equipment for K-12, skills centers, and CTCs, CorePlus, IT apprenticeships, healthcare apprenticeships, regional pre-apprenticeship pathways in Marysville, controls apprenticeship in Kitsap, and biotech manufacturing equipment in Bothell training facility. A summary of budget details can be found here.

This is only the beginning. Now we’ll begin the work together of creating and scaling the programs to give every student in our state high quality career connected learning opportunities.

Governor’s Proposed Budget Makes Strong Investments in Career Connected Learning (December 13, 2018)

Governor Inslee stepped forward today with strong support of the Career Connect Washington Plan. His budget for the biennium provides $110 million over the 2019-21 biennium to fund expanded career connected learning opportunities for Washington students, reflecting a full implementation of all aspects of the Career Connect Washington Plan. This includes:

  • $22 million for increasing enrollment in K-12 and Community and Technical College programs associated with Career Launch programs. This includes registered youth and adult apprenticeship programs.
  • $2 million for coordinators in the Community and Technical Colleges and in public universities who will interface with industry on career connected learning programs.
  • $26 million in grant funding for program intermediaries who will work with industry and educators to develop curriculum and scale career connected learning programs, including youth and adult registered apprenticeship programs.
  • $7 million for regional support including grants for regional networks.
  • $18 million for capital funding grants for equipment in K-12 schools and Community & Technical Colleges.
  • $6 million for equity supports to underserved student populations.
  • $6 million for data and marketing support.
  • $7 million for system implementation, innovation in equivalency and credentialing, and portability and transferability of credits and credentials.
  • $16 million for incumbent worker training, and specific funding for CCW related programs in health care, information technology, aerospace and the construction trades.

For a more detailed description of the investments in the Governor’s budget, please click here.

Career Connect Learning Plan Kick Off (October 25, 2018)

On October 25, Career Connect Washington released a plan that maps the vision, the framework and the strategic approach to meeting the needs of our young people on a statewide scale. This puts Washington state on a path to expanding ways for students to start learning about careers earlier and get more real-world experiences in high school and beyond as Gov. Jay Inslee and a broad coalition rolls out a plan to integrate more career connected learning into Washington schools.

“We’re projected to see 740,000 new jobs in Washington state in the next five years. The good news is these are high-skilled, high-pay jobs; the challenge is that 70 percent of them will need workers with a credential and right now, only 40 of our high school graduates are getting there,” said Governor Jay Inslee. “We need to engage students in more meaningful ways, from earlier ages, so that as they finish high school and start to make adult decisions about advanced education and training, they’ll be doing it from a place of experience.”

Gov. Inslee and other leaders join together in review of CareerConnectWA’s successes and speak in support of its future importance in educational outreach.

If you would like to see a video of the meeting and the press event, please visit our Resources page.

CCW System Design  (Mar ’18-Oct ‘18)

In October 2018, Career Connect Washington introduced the strategic plan for building a statewide-system of career connected learning. Important documents about the plan and the benefits to Washington families are below. Throughout the process, we’ve held regular meetings with key stakeholder groups, presented monthly webinars, conducted focus groups with parents and students, and presented at conferences and meetings around the state.

The “System Design” phase is work that came out of the task force recommendations. This work is led by Maud Daudon and the Business / Philanthropy Leadership Committee and engages leaders in a variety of industries such as:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Maritime
  • Utilities

CCW Regional Teams (2017-19)

  • 11 regional teams
  • Funded by WIOA, JPMC, and local leverage funds
  • Led by ESD, WA STEM

CCW Task Force  (May ’17-Feb ’18)

  • Led by Gov Office, WFB, chaired by Perry England, Brad Smith

May 2017

Governor Jay Inslee launches Career Connected Learning initiative at STEM summit with goal  connecting 100,000 Washington youth during the next five years with career-connected learning opportunities that prepare them for high-demand, high wage jobs. Read more

Please use the form below to contact us. You do not need to submit a message; however, please do fill in the “Subject” field to give us a better idea of your interest in Career Connect Washington. Thank you!

Please use the form below to contact us. You do not need to submit a message; however, please do fill in the “Subject” field to give us a better idea of your interest in Career Connect Washington. Thank you!