The Career Connect Washington Progress Report was submitted earlier this month on behalf of the Career Connected Learning Cross Agency Work Group to Governor Inslee and the Washington State Legislature in fulfillment of ESS HB 2158, passed in the 2019 Legislative Session.

Career Connect Washington believes there are many pathways to economic success and life fulfillment. Every day, Career Connect Washington bridges the gap between employers and educators by providing the connection, funding, and support they need to deliver high quality academic and work-based experiences for Washington students, especially those furthest from opportunity. When everyone has the opportunity to explore and the power to choose their own future, Washington thrives.

Now more than ever, young people need career connected learning programs that connect them to real careers and set them up for success. CCW is addressing critical, immediate needs of students in our new reality with COVID-19 and helping programs and students adapt moving forward. We recognize that young people face different challenges and barriers and in order for every young adult to succeed, we must intentionally focus on populations furthest from opportunity.

Despite the immense challenges posed by COVID-19, CCW has made significant progress to build a connected system for career connected learning that delivers high quality programs for students. Hundreds of career connected learning programs are serving thousands of young people across the state, including nearly 13,000 students enrolling in programs at the Career Launch level, the highest level in the career connected learning continuum. These results would not be possible if not for our state’s registered apprenticeship system, which is rapidly broadening to new fields, such as IT and Healthcare. It serves as a strong foundation to build on, and as a model to replicate across industries and occupations.

Together with the leaders of thirteen CCW partner agencies, Career Connect Washington submitted the report showcasing the progress our state has made toward a comprehensive state-wide system for career connected learning that ensures every young adult in Washington will have multiple pathways toward economic self-sufficiency and fulfilment.

To view Career Connect Washington results, including region-specific enrollment data and programs offered or in development locally, please use the following links:

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