We’re excited to announce the results of the Apprenticeship Building America (ABA) RFP. The ABA grant program aims to expand registered apprenticeship and recognized pre-apprenticeship programs in high-growth and high-demand industry sectors.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the applicants who were selected:

  • AJAC
    • Expanding Pre-Apprenticeship for Manufacturing | Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace Sector
    • Expanding Registered Apprenticeships for Manufacturing | Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace Sector
  • Association of General Contractors – Inland NW Construction
    • Expanding Pre-Apprenticeship for Construction Trades | Construction Sector
  • Machinists Institute
    • Expanding Pre-Apprenticeship for Machinists | Construction Sector
    • New Registered Apprenticeship for Machinery Maintenance | Construction Sector
  • Computing For All
    • New Registered Apprenticeship for IT Customer Support/IT Tech Support Specialist | IT & Cybersecurity Sector
  • Allstar Glass Company
    • New Registered Apprenticeship for Glaziers | Construction Sector
  • Whatcom Working Waterfront Foundations (for the NW Maritime Apprenticeship)
    • Expanding Registered Apprenticeship for Marine Service Technician | Maritime Sector

For additional information on the selection process, please review the Executive Summary: Apprenticeship Building America Round 1

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