Career Connect Washington programs are in high demand in every region in Washington and in every sector of our economy.

As a result, there is unprecedented demand for Program Builder funding. Recently, the Round 1 Apprenticeship Building America (ABA) RFP saw 15 proposals requesting $2,051,555.98 to expand Registered Apprenticeships and Recognized Pre-apprenticeships. The Program Builder Round 11 RFP received 74 proposals requesting $12,369,362.33 to build, expand, and enhance career-connected learning programs. State review committees selected 31 proposals and awarded more than $5,350,000 – issuing more funds to Program Builders than at any time since the launch of Career Connect Washington.

Due to the scale of these Round 11 and ABA Round 1 awards, ESD will have fewer funds available for the remainder of the current State year. However, ESD understands that demand for Program Builder funding continues to increase. Therefore, ESD will conduct two additional Program Builder RFP rounds with the intent of issuing all remaining funds available for program development activities.

This State year’s final Program Builder RFPs, ABA Round 2 and Program Builder Round 12 are scheduled to open on October 16th with a close date of Dec. 1st, 2023. ESD estimates ABA Round 2 will make available $3,500,000. Program Builder Round 12 will make $1,500,000 available. ESD estimates the next Program Builder RFP may be conducted in the summer of 2024.

With fewer funds available, we anticipate increased competition for funding. ABA Round 2 will maintain its focus on Registered Apprenticeship and Recognized Pre-apprenticeship expansion, new and high-growth industry sectors, and equitable participation and representation. Program Builder Round 12 will prioritize Career Launch programs, women and BIPOC-led and serving organizations, and program needs identified by our employer partners in our industry sector strategies.

Please continue to visit the WEBS site for all funding opportunity announcements and visit Career Connect Washington to read more stories of the amazing work our CCW Program Builders are accomplishing every day.

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