We are excited to let you know that we’re announcing a new RFP that will provide support for more targeted work in the CCW Regional Networks that serve as hubs for Career Connect Washington. No two networks are alike: some serve a disproportionate number of students in densely-populated urban areas, other are responsible for covering expansive geographic regions and providing services in remote parts of the state. The barriers commonly experienced by students are further exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

In order to supplement the existing resources in regions that are serving disproportionate number of students and those providing services in rural areas of the state, we’re issuing a request for proposals from the CCW Regional Networks. Proposals may focus on addressing immediate interventions in response to COVID-19, such as virtualization of programming, or recovery strategies that include increased outreach, focus on specific industries that are resilient to the crisis, and supports to vulnerable participants. However, proposals are not limited to COVID-19 response and may include strategies to address barriers unrelated to COVID-19.

A total of $300,000 is available for this RFP, and we anticipate making multiple awards: one award of up to $100,000 for CCW Regional Networks serving a high percentage of the state’s students, and multiple awards of up to $50,000 each for CCW Regional Networks providing services in rural counties.

Bidders’ proposal are due via WEBS (Washington Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS), Reference #2020-09) on June 12, 2020. All questions regarding this solicitation need to be addressed to Tracee Thornburg, RFP Coordinator, at esdgpbids@esd.wa.gov.

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