Career Connect Washington leaders spent several years engaging people from across the state to develop an approach that will work for Washington state (go to About Us for a description of the process). After talking with employers, labor leaders, educators, state agencies and lawmakers, we developed a strategic plan for building a career connected system in our state.

Students can’t take advantage of career connected learning opportunities unless those opportunities are close to home. That’s why this plan relies on regional networks and intermediaries who are in the best position to connect young people and opportunities.

In 2019, the Legislature passed, and Governor Inslee signed, the Workforce Education Investment Act. This established one of the most progressive higher education investments in the country. The act guarantees financial aid for more than 110,000 qualified students in Washington and also establishes the Career Connect Washington system.

Washington’s Path to a Strong, Statewide System

Career Connect Washington Report to the Legislature (March 2023)

Career Connect Washington is committed to reporting our progress to the Legislature on an annual basis. Read this legislative brief for information about progress made and CCW’s Futures Plan for building on the success to date.

2022 Career Connect Washington Progress Report to Governor Inslee and the Legislature (September 2022)

The Career Connect Washington Progress Report is submitted to Governor Inslee and the Washington State Legislature.

Now more than ever, young people need career connected learning programs that connect them to real careers and set them up for success. Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent recovery, CCW has made significant progress increasing enrollments, building high-quality programs, driving new investments in the workforce education system, and strengthening the statewide system for career connected learning.

Hundreds of career connected learning programs are serving thousands of young adults across the state, including nearly 15,000 students enrolled in Career Launch programs, the most impactful and intensive in the career connected learning continuum.

We are pleased to submit this report showcasing the progress our coalition has made toward a comprehensive statewide system for career connected learning that ensures every young adult in Washington will have multiple pathways toward economic self-sufficiency and fulfilment.

CCW Overview and Update (April 2023)

This slide deck maps out the challenge, the opportunities, the solution and the path forward. It also illustrates the many different kinds of opportunities that are available to students, from basic exploratory activities to a total career launch.

Career Connect Washington Strategic Plan — Detailed Materials (January 16, 2019)

This longer document also contains additional information about stakeholders, organizational structures, industry examples, the approach to equity and initial policy recommendations.